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Audio Commentary: Knights of Badassdom

This is a real fun one! If you have not seen this movie, you are in for a treat. Audio Commentary: Knights of Badassdom brings one new gem to the ZvS audience. What happens when live action role players actually summon up a demon? Carnage and hilarity ensue! 

Some of you may have been these guys, some of you may have known these guys and some of you may have beat up these guys. But it doesn't matter what category you fall into, because this movie will reach into your chest and pull out your heart...but in an awesome, fun, badassdom way! So don't wait to finish reading this, go now and start listening to the commentary and watching this movie! In fact you shouldn't even be reading this part, so it doesn't really matter what we type here now...titty sprinkles.

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Even the Cats Happy

It is that time again. 'Too Busy to Show' Joe & King of the Podcast Jaye sit down for their next music episode. This time the boys wax philosophic about the “what ifs” involved with going back in time and seeing or rather listening to a song or an artist for the first time. Not for the first time in your life but EVER. Imagine going and seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Sitting front row at Woodstock. Hitting your local record shop the day The Wall came out. Giving the gravitas of this subject the boys MAY have gotten a little long winded, but I assure you at the end of the day EVEN THE CAT'S HAPPY. 

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