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Down the Rabbit Hole

It's about that time again. That time when the lights are turned down really low in Plan B Studios and The King of the Podcast and 'Too Busy To Show' Joe sit down and share with us all (sometimes more with each other) what they've been listening to lately. In this installment Joe asks Jaye to figure out what are some of the "obscurer" (he no speak good) tracks in his library. The boys do not disappoint when it comes to unknown songs or bands. 

You'll be having a GOOD TIME while learning THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE when entering THE PLAYBOY MANSION. You may feel RUDDERLESS but if you TOUGH IT OUT you;ll see what a LOVELY DAY it could really be. F@*& YOU, because YOU AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE with those 30,000 POUNDS OF BANANAS in your trunk. Even if sometimes there are MORE BAD TIMES, but if you CATCH MY DISEASE you will see YOU ARE THE BEST THING whither you are becoming my NEMESES or simply THE MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT, I am just happy you are listening.
Sit back, relax and let us each track take you deeper and deeper down the Down The Rabbit Hole.
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Mike Millerick Conversation

Well ladies and gentlemen founder of Stockton-Con, Mike Millerick, joins the guys inside of Plan B Studios to talk about the next venture...Grape City Con! 

The city of Lodi is now getting it's very own pop culture convention just three years after Stockton's debuted. Exactly six months between the last Stockton-con and the next, Grape City Con will be held on February 8th! 

For more details, check out their Facebook page! Since you are in the link clicking mood, go ahead and listen to our Mike Millerick conversation in order to hear where future cities will be next! Or if you just want to enjoy another episode of Zombie vs Shark. Either way, we won't judge. All we ask, is that you enjoy it.

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