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Audio Commentary: Devil

No more comic book characters, no action stars, most definitely NO sparkly creatures of the 'night'! This week, ZvS brings you a commentary from M. Night Shamaylan's Devil. The gangs talks about the human nature factor of a small group of people trapped in a tight space. How would you react, not know when or if you will ever get out. Enjoy our audio commentary of Devil!

Trapped in an elevator high above Philadelphia, five people discover that the Devil is among them - and no one can escape their fate. This chilling, supernatural thriller from M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to a heart-stopping ending with a truly wicked twist.

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8-Track Converter

That's right boys and girls it's time to hit the road with ZvS. On this music episode Joe & Jaye share tales of the open road (and sometimes of sitting on the side of that road broken down and lost). 
Think back to family trips, singing your heart out on your family camping trip. What about you and your buddies heading to Vegas for a weekend none of us will ever talk about again? Whether you drive for the destination or the journey alone, if you drive for fun or business, alone or a full car you better crank up your favorite "road trip playlist" OR just sit back in the driver's seat and give ours a listen on Zombie VS Shark's own 8-Track Converter!

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