Zombie vs Shark

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Dreadlock ()!#%*$@&

The conversation turns a little blue in today's episode, then the humor turns a little blue. But then again, the gang's humor usually turns to that direction anyway. However, in between all that, the gang is able to squeeze in some fun pop culture news. Such as a rebellious Rebel Wilson, Jared Leto fanny packs and David Letterman's farewell show. So don't delay, tune in now to Dreadlock ()!#%*$@& for the Zombie vs Shark goodness!

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Audio Commentary: Grabbers

It was only a matter of time before Zombie vs Shark got around to doing the Audio Commentary: Grabbers! What says ZvS better than squid like aliens that feed on humans and the only way to stop them...is to get fall down drunk! Of course, leave it to the Irish to create this concept, those mad geniuses. So the next time you find yourself in a mortal battle with aliens, maybe heading to the bar (or pub) IS the answer. So grab a pint and enjoy!

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