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13 Lucky-list: Iconic Sounds

You recognize the tell tale hum of a lightsaber. A Federation com link switching on. Twinkle toes Fred in the bowling alley. The whooshing arrival of the Tardis. The screeching of Freddy's glove. Throughout film and television we, as audiences, have been treated to quite the array of clicks, knocks, bumps and bangs. But occasionally we hear something that resonates so powerfully in our ears that we forever know it.

No matter how it is used in other movies or shows, we will forever know it for it's original or in some cases it's most prominent use! Enjoy the new offeringarrow-10x10.png from ZvS, in the return of the 13 Lucky-list: Iconic Sounds!

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Medieval Fabio

With Jurassic World rampaging a path through the box office this past weekend. The Hollywood rumor mill is working overtime. Along with the confirmed pop culture news. Tehre is plenty for the gang to talk about in this week's 'pop'pourri episode Medieval Fabio.

Find out what other things freak out our hosts. Dive further into their twisted minds and learn the new game they discovered!

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