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The VS Episode 2014

Let the Zombie vs Shark VS episode 2014 commence!!!
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Audio Commentary: Hudson Hawk

Hey, drop that third turkey leg right now! One should never be more stuffed than the turkey itself and if you are in a food coma; then how can you listen to the special Thanksgiving Day release from Zombie vs Shark? The guys continue to build on their holiday tradition of thanking the fans of ZvS with a release of a holiday commentary. This year, is a personal favorite of Jaye, Tony and the hot wives! All four gather together inside of Plan B Studio to record the Audio Commentary: Hudson Hawk! This fun, goofy comedy was an instant favorite for the gang. From the cartoon like comedy to the over the top characters, this film delights in many ways. 

Karene, Cathy and the guys saw this movie individually and found that they had a shared love for it. Just one of the many things they have in common and waited for more than a year to record this commentary. It was a wonderful and fun experience for the gang and one they are happy to share with everyone on this holiday. So feel free to tune in now, or after the parade, or even after all the football game...we don't mind. We here at ZvS just want to say that we're thankful for all of our fans and look forward to releasing more episodes on our march to 200! Happy Thanksgiving!

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