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Glamping, Sorry!

Zombie vs Shark welcomes House of Doodle, Alexis Villanueva, back in to Plan B Studio for some fun debating! Tony has concocted some idea of pitting...something (he won't tell anyone) against each other. Leaving Alexis and King of the Podcast, Jaye, to blindly duke it out. Will it be a back alley brawl? Thumb wrestling? An exhausting test of knowledge? Tune in now to Glamping, Sorry!, to find out who will come away as the master debater!

Also, don't forget about the opportunity to meet the guys and compete in the quiz panel competition that ZvS will hosting, at this years Stockton Con (August 9 at 3:00pm). Sign-ups will be on site, so come early to get your spot. Top 30 people to sign up will have a shot at the prize as well as first ever ZvS quiz panel champion! But don't worry, if you don't sign up in time, there will be an alternates list. That just leaves someone to go Tonya Harding on someone and take their spot...good luck.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the gang from ZvS decided to go play outside for a change. This week, they record the show poolside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather...or do they?  The day takes a turn, just tune in to Refreshe! to hear all about it. While you listening to that, you will get to hear about some of the fun activities the guys liked to do as kids and what they may be doing to enjoy the summer as adults.  The gang would love to hear what you enjoy most about summer time, just drop them a line at 209-225-ZVS1 or email them at zombievs.shark@yahoo.com!

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