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Audio Commentary: Wayne’s World

With the recent celebration of Saturday Night Lives 40th anniversary and the guys penchant for watching movies; the timing was perfect for the Audio Commentary: Wayne's World!  So fire up your Netflix and tune in to hear the gang talk about the best and worst SNL films ever made while laughing at the classic antics of Wayne and Garth.

The wonderful, silliness that is embodied in this film is a perfect example of what made SNL great. Much debate can be had over the quality of the present incarnation, but we here at ZvS feel that the current cast of SNL is the greatest one of them all...NOT!!!

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That Khaki Ad was Hot

This week sees the return of Tony back to Plan B Studios to join Jaye and Sexy Sara for another assortment of various topics. ZvS brings you some of their random musings and thoughts on some recent stories circling the pop culture world in That Khaki Ad was Hot

Spider-man is welcomed back the fold, with Sony and Marvel coming to an agreement. Saturday Night Live celebrates its 40th anniversary. And what secrets could be revealed about Jason Voorhees in the next installment of Friday the 13th? The gang discusses it all, plus more stories.

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