Zombie vs Shark

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Kinda Got Screwed

Between rehearsals, work, life, sex, etc. Tony, Jaye and Sexy Sara had a difficult time getting into Plan B Studios to record this week. Thankfully they have been saving some outtakes and bloopers for just such an occasion. Unthankfully however someone had to record the intros and such for all the clips. Then the idea came to our little crew. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs leading to Plan B Studios' door, a laptop and microphone set up, and one phone call to a “lucky” listener. The plan was set, the clips were picked, the mic was hot and all that was left to do was wait. According to video surveillance it only took three days before someone took the bait. What follows is what took place that fateful nite. So sit back and listen as one of our fans Kinda Got Screwed.

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Your PSA for Today

If you are telling a story, you can't really go wrong with telling it through amazing music. From FORREST GUMP to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, when it comes to massive stories told with the aid of amazing soundtracks you can't get much better than the list the boys have compiled for you today. Too busy to show Joe and King of the Podcast Jaye sit down and discuss summer blockbusters and the music that drives them. What is your favorite soundtrack? How do you tell your story? 

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